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Working with Whanau: Maori Social Work in Schools

ISBN: 9780473197506

Released: December 1st, 2011

Status: In Print

Publisher: Te Wananga-o-Raukawa

Working with Whanau: Maori Social Work in Schools

by Awhina English, Rachael Selby, Hayley Bell

Working with whanau: Maori social work in schools covers the work of a group of kaimahi working as social workers in largely rural Maori communities. The focus of this text is on kaimahi who work for iwi Maori organisations. Five of these organisations supported the research for this book by enabling their social workers to tell the stories their work within their communities. They present the programmes that are offered in their communities; examples of the outcomes for whanau; and the role of the social worker.

This book is for Maori social workers , for all social workers, schools principals, educators, policy analysts, social service teams who work with children and families, for students and those who want to understand the services provided by iwi Maori social service organisations. It records the work of iwi Maori social workers after a decade of Social Workers in Schools in New Zealand.

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