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The Professional Practice of Teaching in NZ

ISBN: 9780170350716

Released: April 1st, 2015

Status: In Print

Publisher: Cengage Learning

The Professional Practice of Teaching in NZ

by Deborah Fraser, Mary Hill

The Professional Practice of Teaching contains a wealth of information that pre-service teachers need to know in order to learn to teach effectively. Written specifically for the New Zealand setting, it highlights the range of knowledge and skills that teachers require in order to make a positive difference to their students’ lives. Every chapter in this fifth edition has been updated to exemplify the latest research and align with the current New Zealand context. New chapters on topics such as teaching as inquiry, engaging students in dialogue, and planning with high expectations sit alongside new chapters on classroom management and ethics, written by leading researchers. Throughout the text many case studies, activities and stories from real-life teachers and students help readers to link the theory to their classroom practices. - 

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