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Grow Your Own Family Tree

ISBN: 9780140515886

Released: August 4th, 2008

Status: In Print

Publisher: Penguin

Grow Your Own Family Tree

by Alan Stewart

An accessible, modern guide to the hugely popular art of tracing your family tree,"Grow Your Own Family Tree"offers a concise and comprehensive summary of how to locate and use a range of records and information to track down your own family history. There is information on everything from where to find census information or order a birth certificate, to finding out whether your great-great-uncle committed a disciplinary offence whilst in the army. And unlike other books on the subject, the scope of"Grow Your Own Family Tree"extends far beyond Britain, to track your migrating relatives.In twenty-nine clear and helpful chapters, Alan Stewart takes you through every aspect of researching your family history and tells stories about the memorable discoveries that ordinary people have made in their own searches. As an expert on the internet, he also offers a detailed exploration of the very best websites and current Internet resources along the way. With this book to hand, it has never been easier to find out more about our ancestors.

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